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On Dec 18, 2007, at 7:05 AM, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:

gtk2-perl does not have separate typemaps for every event type.  There
is just one for GdkEvent which looks at the event's type at run-time
to decide how to represent it.

As an aside, the reason for this is the way that GdkEvent is implemented. GdkEvent is the structure type, which contains a union of all the event types, and a type code that tells you which of the union members is valid.

Once you have the converters newSVStructName and SVStructName, you can

That should be SvStructName() -- note the lower-case "v". (Blame the perlapi, not me.)

You're trying to use a GdkRectangle where a GdkRectangle* is wanted. I
think this should work:

Thanks, Torsten and Muppet. I briefly had the same but discarded it
when I got the error message:

IImageTool.xs: In function `SvDrawSettings':
IImageTool.xs:62: warning: dereferencing `void *' pointer
IImageTool.xs:62: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be

 if (svp) settings->zoom_rect = *SvGdkRectangle (*svp);

Which leaves me pretty much in the dark.

In general, the "dereferencing a `void*' pointer warning means that your pointer isn't cast to a valid type. I notice now that gperl_get_boxed_check() returns a void*, and Glib::CodeGen creates macros like this:

#define SvGtkBorder(sv) (gperl_get_boxed_check ((sv), GTK_TYPE_BORDER))

That is, the generated SvStructType() macros don't contain the cast like you'd expect. In the general case of

    Foo * foo = SvFoo (sv);

this works fine, because C (unlike C++) says that a void* may be used where any pointer type is wanted; that is, the conversion is implicit in C. But, the construct

       Foo foo = *SvFoo (sv);

turns into

       Foo foo = * ((void*) something)

which is *not* valid.  The two solutions are

a)   Foo * foo = * (Foo*) SvFoo (sv);

b)   change Glib::CodeGen to insert the cast into the macro like this:

#define SvFoo(sv) ((Foo*) gperl_get_boxed_check ((sv), TYPE_FOO))

In reality, you may as well go for a) to make things work until we get b) vetted and rolled out.

Now, the error message,

IImageTool.xs:62: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be

makes me go back and realize that you are using a hand-written function for SvDrawSettings() instead of a Glib::CodeGen-created macro. I don't see anything related to this at , so, from the message, it sounds like your function has the prototype

    void SvDrawSettings (SV * sv);

That means that it returns nothing, and the compiler will complain that you're attempting to use a non-existent value. This is incorrect. Change it to

    DrawSettings * SvDrawSettings (SV * sv);

(note the parallel with the discussion of the macro definitions, above), and everything should Just Work.

If that still doesn't work, give us the url of an svn branch that has the current code.

It's all very complicated and would take a scientist to explain it.
  -- MST3K

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