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On 17/12/2007, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
Sounds like a good idea.  Can you take a stab at it?  The formulations
might make more sense to newcomers if they're written by someone who
just recently learned about them.

Your explanations were excellent, so I'll copy them almost verbatim.

In the "MORE COOL CODE TRICKS" section, I would have:


gtk2-perl does not have separate typemaps for every event type.  There
is just one for GdkEvent which looks at the event's type at run-time
to decide how to represent it.

So, when binding a new widget, use GdkEvent* for the type of the
argument and insert casts to the specific event required by the widget
(e.g. GdkEventButton*) where needed.  The xsub for
gtk_window_activate_key in Gtk2/xs/GtkWindow.xs might serve as an


Unfortunately, there's no automatic way to convert raw structs to Perl
land.  These are, however, best represented as hash references with a
key for each member. For an example of this kind of thing, take a look
at the way GtkStockItem is handled in Gtk2/xs/GtkStock.xs.

Once you have the converters newSVStructName and SVStructName, you can
take this one step further by installing a custom typemap for them:
"StructName * T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER" in a typemap file installed via
ExtUtils::Depends->add_typemaps in Makefile.PL -- like Gtk2 does for
gtk.typemap, for example.

You're trying to use a GdkRectangle where a GdkRectangle* is wanted.  I
think this should work:

Thanks, Torsten and Muppet. I briefly had the same but discarded it
when I got the error message:

IImageTool.xs: In function `SvDrawSettings':
IImageTool.xs:62: warning: dereferencing `void *' pointer
IImageTool.xs:62: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be

  if (svp) settings->zoom_rect = *SvGdkRectangle (*svp);

Which leaves me pretty much in the dark.

By the way, why 'DrawSettings' instead of 'GdkPixbufDrawOpts'?

The most recent release has 'DrawSettings', but this has been replaced
in SVN with 'GdkPixbufDrawOpts'. This had me confused for a bit.

Sorry I don't seem to be quite as quick on the uptake as I should...


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