[PATCH] Re: Bug: GtkAboutDialog does not hide when close button clicked

On Apr 15, 2007, at 9:39 AM, Arjan Opmeer wrote:

I think you guys missed a little change in the way about-dialogs are handled
in GTK+ 2.10. To quote from the README:

* Dialogs created by gtk_about_dialog_new() no longer hide automatically when the user clicks close. It is the applications responsibility to
     hide or destroy the dialog.

Did, indeed, miss that. That's the peril of having to reimplement functionality because of the lack of a bindable version of the API...

There's a little bit of extra code in the implementation of
gtk_show_about_dialog() that handles this:

   /* Close dialog on user response */
   g_signal_connect (dialog, "response", G_CALLBACK (close_cb), NULL);

The close_cb() actually manipulates a couple of internal widgets to which we do not have access. About the best we can do is the attached patch.

Attachment: show_about_dialog.patch
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