Bug: GtkAboutDialog does not hide when close button clicked


I think you guys missed a little change in the way about-dialogs are handled
in GTK+ 2.10. To quote from the README:

   * Dialogs created by gtk_about_dialog_new() no longer hide automatically
     when the user clicks close. It is the applications responsibility to
     hide or destroy the dialog.

This has consequences for the convenience function gtk_show_about_dialog as
indicated by this revision log message


   "...gtk_show_about_dialog() handles it by hiding the dialog..."

There's a little bit of extra code in the implementation of
gtk_show_about_dialog() that handles this:

   /* Close dialog on user response */
   g_signal_connect (dialog, "response", G_CALLBACK (close_cb), NULL);

It seems that the gtk-perl bindings are missing this bit of extra code
causing about dialogs suddenly not to close when run with a newer version of
the GTK+ libraries.

Might I suggest to also incorporate these changes into the gtk-perl



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