Re: perl gtk window always on top

On Apr 27, 2007, at 7:40 AM, Bert Verhaeghe wrote:

is it possible to show a gtk dialog from within a perl script that is
above all other open windows (and especially a full screen rdesktop

That will depend entirely on your window manager.

set_keep_above() is just a hint. and, according to the docs, is not supposed to be used for drawing attention to dialogs, but more for things like making your music player stay visible over other windows. set_transient_for() is the traditional way to get a window to stay atop another window, but that's usually only within your app.

If the window is full-screen, the window manager may consider it to "own" the screen and disallow any other window taking it over in the z order.

Have you considered an audible notification instead of a visual one?

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