Re: Glib 1.141

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 01:11 +0100, Mario Fischer wrote:

You're right. I was a bit too fast. I asked for help before doing some 
steps of investigation. I found the error.

@ Torsten: Undo a change in gperl.h ..


#ifdef G_OS_WIN32

and replace it again with

#ifdef WIN32

Hmm, looks like that change was really premature.  Sorry for that.  The
problem I tried to fix was that sometimes, WIN32 didn't seem to be
defined while _WIN32 was.  To avoid the pre-processor mess, I thought it
was a safe bet to assume that G_OS_WIN32 is defined more correctly and
we were better off just using it.  But as it now seems, G_OS_WIN32
doesn't really live up to that assumption.

There's a ticket filed at
<> with a patch.  Let's
see where this leads.


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