Re: Glib 1.141

WIN32 is a macro defined in Perl; G_OS_WIN32 is the equivalent macro
defined in GLib, so if you are linking against a version of GLib
compiled on win32 that macro should be available.  If it's not defined,
it's probably a bug in GLib and not in the perl bindings.

I've used the package (2.8.20 development environment) from

to compile the perl bindings. It seemed to be a consistent collection so I decided to use it so I could reduce possible sources for errors. Unfortunately I didn't know about the macro until I read it in your post. With a bit of luck I will build my own package based on Tor Lillqvist's files today evening. Then we can check the macro issue.

I will keep you informed about the results.

Btw.: if everything goes fine I will provide you soon with the binaries for ActiveState's PPM, sure.

See you,
Mario Fischer

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