Re: Two SimpleLists with one data stucture

muppet ÐÐÑÐÑ:

On May 29, 2006, at 11:50 AM, Vasya Leushin wrote:

I got stuck in another problem. This time I need to represent this
structure in one (simple?)list in following manner.

 $v = [[ 1,'Color1',128,[[10,5,'White'],[20,15,'Blue'],]]];
cols     1    2      3         4

Some questions come up that prevent me coming up with a useful 
example...  what should the combo renderer display when not showing  the
menu, what do the columns mean, etc, etc.  Can you describe the  context
of the problem in a bit more detail?

Columns 1 is a number of channel, col 2 is a name of the channel, they
are  not editable.
Col 3 is a  value of corresponding channel (editable) which we can
change by editing the cell.
Model for col 4 contains array of presets, where each element  is  array
with 2 numbers (max. value and mid. value)
and one string as a description (3 elements in total). CellRenderer
(which is combo)for this model
 should display only descriptions and nothing else. If i choose one of
these descriptions in the combo
then two things happen:
1. This description appears in the cell
2. Corresponding mid. value goes to column 3.
In case of 'Blue' this is 15. So, we can forget max value for a while...


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