Re: Two SimpleLists with one data stucture

On May 13, 2006, at 10:02 AM, Vasya Leushin wrote:

I've been trying to build an application which has a SimpleList with 4 columns. and its 4th column (invisible) is supposed to contain some data shown and controlled by another SimpleList.

I see no hidden columns in your example code.

Doesn't work :(
Please, tell me what is wrong.

Not sure quite what you're trying to do, so i can't tell you exactly what you're doing wrong. Can you describe more concretely what you want it do?

From what you've written, you're setting the rows of the second list from the subvalues of the activated row in the first list. You didn't give an example of what those subvalues might be, so there may be some simple problem with references to references and all that stuff.

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