Re: Two SimpleLists with one data stucture

muppet ÐÐÑÐÑ:

On May 13, 2006, at 10:02 AM, Vasya Leushin wrote:

I've been trying to build an application which has a SimpleList  with
4 columns. and its 4th column (invisible) is supposed to  contain some
data shown and controlled by another SimpleList.

I see no hidden columns in your example code.

Doesn't work :(
Please, tell me what is wrong.

Not sure quite what you're trying to do, so i can't tell you exactly 
what you're doing wrong.  Can you describe more concretely what you 
want it do?
I want to get a data structure like this:
 $v = [[1,'Color1',128,[[10,5,'White'],[20,15,'Blue'],]]];
                1st list                         2nd list
Such a complex data structure.:) Then I want this $v to be dumped to
file and used in another app.
Well, I add a row to the 1st list, edit it, then if I need subvalues for
this row I activate it and put rows
to the 2nd list. Then I add next row to the 1st list and so on... Then
if I want to make some changes
I activate certain row in 1st list and subvalues (if any) of this row
show in the 2nd list
In the end all data is in $v. Of course, that's not mandatory, and there
is more than one way to do it,
but this is one I invented.
Shortly speaking, each array(even empty one) in the 4th column of each
row needs to be mapped(?)
to the 2nd list upon doubleclicking a row.


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