Re: Two SimpleLists with one data stucture

muppet, thanks so much!!! :))))
It work even better (row selection instead of row activation).

I got stuck in another problem. This time I need to represent this
structure in one (simple?)list in following manner.

 $v = [[ 1,'Color1',128,[[10,5,'White'],[20,15,'Blue'],]]];
cols     1    2      3       4

Column 4 is a CellRendererCombo. 'White','Blue' are entries in Combo
which works like this:
if i choose 'White' in Combo, then value in column 3 is set to 5,
if i choose 'Blue' column 3 is set to 15 and so on...

All this TreeViews seem to be first thing in perl-gtk2 I cant
understand by myself :(



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