Re: can we combile gtk2-perl with gtkmm in an application?

Mitchell Laks wrote:
Medical images "slice" a patient into thousands of consecutive images.

Images will typically be stored on local disk as well as streamed over the network to the workstation. They are then loaded in memory. It is not unusual to be looking at 2000-3000 images at a time, each 512x512 matrix with depth of 12-16 bits of data. We will scroll through the images while dragging the mouse as the images are flipped onto the screen.

Is there a common data format for this data? Climate data files, which are a bit similar, are often huge (>100MB) NetCDF files. There are libraries for reading NetCDF files, which have Perl interfaces, but for visualization the data would need to be rendered onto something that can be put to screen.

You also want to have 3d visualization built in.

You do not want to reinvent the display image wheel. You want to use Opengl. You want to use VTK.

Yes, putting simple matrix data simply onto a Gdk Pixbuf is fast and simple, but if you want to do fancier visualization than that, there are OpenGL and VTK (which is news to me also) and other tools to look at. But it doesn't matter how complicated it is, if the end product is a Gdk Pixbuf, you can use it simply in you Gtk2-Perl code. BTW, VTK homepage says it has interfaces to Tcl/Tk, Java, and Python, i.e., Perl is not mentioned. Should I be worried that I see more often Python than Perl mentioned in these kinds of situations?


Take a look at a similar project that is very-very-very Mac centric. It has done a marvelous job.

It annoys me that it is so mac centric that I must reinvent the entire project from scratch to do it right for linux.


Ideal would be high level integration with the gtk-perl interface, but I
could even survive perhaps with sending signals between somewhat
"independent" applications...
What kind of functionality do people want from the software? Compare
images? Overlay them? Zoom in/out? See animations?


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