can we combile gtk2-perl with gtkmm in an application?


I am designing an open source application to display medical images (MRI and 
CT etc).

I have read about the idea of splitting the functionality so that the core 
user interface issues are controlled via a gui that is designed with a 
scripting language like perl, and thus can be easily customized, while the 
parts of the application such as the opengl window that will deal with the 
display images would be done in C++ for speed. People need to load over 1000 
images at a time and I have had difficulties with java applications being too 
slow for that aspect of the program.

How had is it to make an application with the central Object being gtkmm 

Ideal would be high level integration with the gtk-perl interface, but I could 
even survive perhaps with sending signals between somewhat "independent" 


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