Re: MinGW build

Fine, I managed to compile and run my Gtk2::Ex::Geo, which depends on Gtk2, Gtk2::GladeXML, gtk, and various other libraries. :-)

First, ExtUtils::LibList does not recognize names like lib*.dll.a in windows. I hacked it to do so. I'm not sure if this is anything but cosmetics. It made the Glib Makefile to run ExtUtils::Mksylists command which was too long line and had to be run separately.

Second, I hacked the Makefile, which perl Makefile.PL produces:

- edit the (two) link commands:
   - remove "-mdll" and add "-shared"
   - add "-Wl,--out-implib=blib\arch\auto\Gtk2\libGtk2.dll.a" or similar
   - add d:/perl/site/lib/auto/Glib/libGlib.dll.a or what's needed

There is also still the "s/\{\{/\{/g" hack which needs to be applied to the Makefile.

I believe these should be reported to perlporters.

There are still errors in the test code, it even does not finish, but at least simple dialog boxes and windows (like my simple geodata viewer) work.



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