TreeModelFilter issues

In the following code, I have a simple list with a checkbox and a text
field. The text field is being filtered using a TreeModelFilter (type
in something into the Entry and press search)

My trouble is with check-marking a particular row after any kind of
filtering has been applied. Before filtering, the check-marking works
fine. After filtering, clicking on the check-box doesn't put a
tick-mark into the particular check-box on that row. Sometimes it puts
a checkmark on another row.

My guess is that since the TreeModelFilter is "hiding" rows, the
clicking of check-box is probably being captured by a hidden row. Some
kinda mis-alignment like that.

But isn't that a bug ? May be the bug is not in perl bindings but in
the gtk code. Any comments ?

I am running
Glib 1.103
Gtk2 1.102
Glib built for 2.9.5, running with 2.10.2
Gtk2 built for 2.8.16, running with 2.8.17



Description: Perl program

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