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I've been building things on MinGW. I saw earlier posts on compiling Gtk2 on MinGW, two problems were mentioned: too long lines and DynaLoader failing to load Gtk2.dll. I solved the too long lines problem simply by using xs/*.o instead of the long list. For the 2nd problem I don't have a complete solution but I at least manage to get Gtk2.dll loaded ok with a tool called "dependency walker", which is a tool for debugging DLLs. First I gave the export table of the Glib.dll a better name (Glib.dll) than dll.exp.dll using the -D switch of dlltool. The I copied the Glib.dll to a directory in a path, so windows finds it. After these dependence walker loads Gtk2.dll nicely.

I'm talking to myself, but anyway, this is interesting. I now got the Gtk2.dll to load Glib.dll in runtime.I compiled the Glib.dll normally (i.e. more or less with Makefile generated by Makefile.PL) and then copy it as "dll.exp.dll" into Gtk2//blib/arch/auto/Gtk2. mingw32-make test generates lots of errors but it opens windows etc. For example the example/ works but reports many "g_object_set_qdata_full assertion 'quark > 0' failed" errors.

This is promising however. I just need a way to tell, when the Gtk2.dll is linked, that the name of Glib.dll is really Glib.dll and it should be loaded from this specific location (d:/perl/site/..).


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