Re: Entry / TextBuffer that does not listen to accelerators?

muppet said:
The guys on gtk-app-devel-list or in #gtk+ will probably know
better than i, but here's what i would try:

a) [...]

b) [...]

In case that wasn't really clear, that was option a) *or* option b).  Don't do

  sub u_action {
      # if the key focus is currently on the toplevel window, we may
      # need to do further key routing:
      my $widget = Gtk2->get_event_widget (Gtk2->get_current_event);

I forgot that Gtk2::Actions can be triggered from anywhere; if the event has
fired from a toolbar button, the current event won't be a key event.  Of
course, it's unlikely that the event widget would be the toplevel window in
that case, so this will probably work, but it's worth noting that this code
still may have plenty  of holes in it.

      if ($widget->isa ('Gtk2::Window')) {

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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