Entry / TextBuffer that does not listen to accelerators?

Hi all,

I'd thought this is a common problem, but didn't find a solution in the docs 
or via google:

In  my application, I would like to have some "fast and simple" accelerators 
like <u> or <delete>. On the other hand, I have some Gtk2::Entry and 
Gtk2::TextBuffer for text editing. Of course, I still do want to be able to 
insert 'u' in those...
Is there any way to give the Entry / TextBuffer a higher "priority" than the 
accels, so that (while editing text) <u> inserts a 'u' and doesn't fire up 
the associated action? Something like $widget->set_listen_to_accels(FALSE)?

Maybe it would work (didn't try yet) to have a key_press_event-callback for 
the text widgets that manually inserts a 'u' (and all the other accelerated 
chars), but that doesn't look like a elegant solution...

Thanks for your help,


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