Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog 0.01

Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog - a simple, pure Perl dialog for printing
PostScript data in GTK+ applications.  

The first version of Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog is now available on CPAN.
This module implements a dialog widget that can be used to print
PostScript data on any CUPS-aware system. It is intended to be a
lightweight and pure-perl alternative to the Gnome2::Print libraries.  

The dialog itself is intended to comply with the GNOME Human Interface
Guidelines (HIG), and will gracefully fail if no printers have been
installed, by providing an option to print to the lpr command. If lpr
isn't installed either, the user can opt to print to another command, to
a PDF file or to a PostScript file.  

When PAUSE has finished processing the tarball, it will be available at


Gavin Brown.

Gavin Brown

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