* Jaap Karssenberg <j g karssenberg student utwente nl> [2005-09-29 09:30]:
I thought 'gtk-link' was a stock icon, but apparently it is not
shipped with all gtk instalations. Is there an "official" list
of stock icons to use, or should I package stock icons with the
application ?

The range of available stock icons has expanded with time. F.ex
my Gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme[1] utility contains a âbackportâ of the
`gtk-about` stock icon which is used if the gtk+ version detected
at compile time is too old (< 2.6) to have that stock icon.

(That is, the version I have on disk. I should push out a release
at some pointâ)

You can find a list of stock items in the gtk+ documentation[2].
With each item you will find the version of gtk+ in which it was
added. (Unless it has always been there since 2.0.)

In that list I donât see `gtk-link` at all, even though it
includes the latest icons from 2.8. In fact, Google doesnât to
have seen this term, ever. So Iâd say the likelihood is high that
some other library or component on your system has added it. Or
maybe itâs part of your icon theme? Or something like that. In
any case, it has nothing to do with the canon.


Aristotle Pagaltzis // <>

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