Re: GdkPixbufSimpleAnim wrapper?

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 20:46 -0400, muppet wrote:
On Sep 18, 2005, at 8:27 PM, Carl Nygard wrote:

Do you have an ETA on the next release?

We'll have 1.101 soon, if there are any changes (there have been a  
couple, i think), but we don't add APIs on stable series.

Our next stable with new API will be 1.120, in a few months.

The next unstable release will probably be in the next couple of  
weeks.  I'll defer to Torsten on that.

Although it's not currently possible to implement a new  
PixbufAnimation subclass in perl (its non-signal vfuncs are not  
bound), the logic for displaying the animation is rather simple.  You  
could easily roll your own until these APIs are released.

Yah, that's why I asked, to see if I had to do that or not.  No


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