Re: GStreamer 0.01

Just checked out GStreamer-Changes and great it's working as expected!

What remains is the  problem of the duration-Tag. This is what I do:

On each "found-tag" Signal put everything into a common hash:
foreach my $key (keys(%{$tags})) {
        $self->{'ts'}->{'info'}->{$key} = $tags->{$key};

Then I run the duration Tag through a format routine:

The routine:
ns2nice {
        my $ns = shift;

When called for the return value of a query I get the right log value
when printing $ns (yes even with value > 2^32) and even calculating with
it works all right!

So I think the problem begins when the tags get converted to the hash.


Matthias Bläsing
ICQ: 84617206   AIM: linuxfun81   MSN: linuxfun hotmail com
"Diejenigen, die nicht schockiert sind, wenn sie zum ersten mal mit
Quantenmechanik zu tun haben, haben sie nicht verstanden." (Niels Bohr)

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