Re: GStreamer 0.01

Am Sonntag, den 08.05.2005, 23:23 +0200 schrieb Torsten Schoenfeld:
But your mail prompted me to look into it again.  I saw that the tag
reading stuff (mainly the found-tag signal) can be implemented without
caring about the interface stuff.  So I did it.  The results are in CVS
HEAD, complete with a simple example player.

Check-out, played with it and yeah it's great ... 

BUT then I crash in to the next problem. I looked at the manual and for
a player it would be nice to be able to seek through the stream (if
seeking ist possible), so I tried after reading this:

gst_element_seek (audiosink, GST_SEEK_METHOD_SET 
                             | GST_FORMAT_TIME 
                             | GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH, 

I tried to implement jumping 5 seconds forward (I used the mad plugin):

my $pos = $spider->query('total', 'time');
$mad->seek(["method-set", "time","flag-flush"],($pos + 5 * 1000000000));

That won't work, because the "time" is rejected and without it the
result is - well  lets call it - "unnoticeable".

Is this a problem on my site or I am just blind?



Matthias Bläsing
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