Re: offtopic: libxml

This really is offtopic for the gtk-perl list.  If you want to reply,
reply direct to me or take it to the perl-xml list.

My responses below ...

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 15:50 +0200, igzebedze wrote:
* BoÅ¡tjan Å petiÄ? <igzebedze auch eu org> [2005-05-01 11:20]:
i am thinking of a wrapper for libxml, that would simply read
the whole DOM tree into a hash structure... ?

You mean XML::Simple?

:) this is nice.

i'm just curious, is this still maintained?

Yes, it is maintained - by me :).

and why isn't the apparently  
well known annoyance with converting attributes to elements on saving, 

You may find it annoying, that by default the text content of nested
elements is just as accessible as the attribute values, but many people
find that useful.  XML::Simple is really optimised for reading XML.

If you don't like the default, just set the ForceArray option to 1.

simply handled by another hash with name 'attributes'?

Because that would make the data harder to get at - the point of the
module is to make reading XML really easy.

If you're new to XML::Simple then I recommend this article:


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