Re: new software Gtk2::GIS

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 04:58, Ari Jolma wrote:
Sorry for replying to my own post

Ari Jolma wrote:

Would it be ok to call the RasterWindow module (which subclasses 
ScrolledWindow) Gtk2::Ex::RasterWindow? The problem is that it should 
also support (geographic) vector data, so maybe Gtk2::Ex::GIWindow? 
(GI = Geographic Information) Any suggestions are welcome.

If nobody opposes (or has a better suggestion) "Gtk2::Ex::GeoDataWindow" 
I'll use that. The package will also contain modules 
"Gtk2::Ex::GeoDataPixbuf" and "Gtk2::Ex::GeoDataApp" (the example 

it's not really standard practice to have the example app as a module.
that said you're free to do it, espeically if you have reasons to. one
alternative, though slightly hackey, is what Gtk2 does to install
examples. have a look at Gtk2's Makefile.PL and search for 'install-'.
that rule when placed in a postamble section will allow you to install
examples and demo's as Gtk2 does. for instance, make install-examples
installs all of the files in the examples directory and make
install-gtk-demo does the same for gtk-demo. you'd want to modify the
rule slightly to install into perl-Gtk2-Ex-Geo or something like that.

don't let all the do this, change that feedback discourage you, we' just
trying to make all things Gtk2-Perl as uniform and good as humanly


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