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On Jul 25, 2005, at 5:26 PM, justin+gnome dicatek com wrote:

I was under the impression that one should return FALSE to inhibit the
accelerator. (Although, there are several contradictory versions of the

Well, i, too, was wrong.

The docs for the signal indeed say "returns: TRUE if the signal can be activated." But, in the code, the signal is created with the _gtk_boolean_handled_accumulator, the same accumulator used for event signals, which stops the signal emission when any handler returns TRUE.

The signal is a run-last signal, so the default handler, which returns TRUE if the widget is visible, will override any return value you give in a normal handler. Since it's run-last and returns TRUE from a boolean-handled accumulator, connect_after is useless. Thus, to return FALSE, you have to stop the signal emission in your handler, like so:

  $button->signal_connect (can_activate_accel => sub {
# stop the emission of this signal, so our return value is used.
        $button->signal_stop_emission_by_name ('can_activate_accel');
        # allow the accelerator to fire iff the keyboard focus is not
        # in the entry.
        return $window->get_focus != $entry;

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