Re: can_activate_acce

On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, muppet wrote:

zentara said:
justin+gnome said:

Hi, this is how I got it working, however, I'm just learning myself. There
probably is a more elegant solution.

[ disable accelerator in entry's enter-notify ]
[ enable accelerator in entry's leave-notify ]

That assumes you're using the mouse, and will fail if you drive with the
keyboard.  Would be better to use "focus-in-event" and "focus-out-event".
But, your suspicion is correct, it's just a kludge.

If can_activate_accel is indeed broken, then I will need a workaround like
this. However, I use glade to build my interface and I could not figure
out how to get the AccelGroup, in order to disable it. Is this possible?

Currently I've been flipping the sensitivity of the corresponding widgets,
which is an even worse kludge :(


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