Re: Gnome2::Print images.

On Jul 25, 2005, at 5:47 PM, ADIS - C.P.D. wrote:

Hello everybody,

Why I can't print a image using method "rgbimage"?

$pc->rgbimage ($pixbuf->get_pixels, $pixbuf->get_width, $pixbuf- >get_height, $pixbuf->get_rowstride) always fails.

No errors messages are displayed, but image never appears.

What do $pixbuf->get_pixels and friends actually return?  Does

length($pixbuf->get_pixels) <= ($pixbuf->get_height * $pixbuf- >get_rowstride)

evaluate to TRUE?  Is $pixbuf->get_width > 0 ?

Did you ever have success after this thread?

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