Re: Cygwin and the Gtk2 cpan perl module

muppet wrote:
Win32 requires that *all* symbols be resolved at link time. This places some extra demands on the link stage for perl modules, which is complicated by the fact that the dll containing the needed gperl* symbols for Gtk2 is actually located in the perl library and not the standard search path. Also, this is highly non-portable, so it should be unsurprising that our makefiles don't support it well. :-/

Yaakov Selkowitz has solved this problem, and keeps cygwin binaries available at form_cat=229 , although it looks like the current versions there are a little old.

FYI, I have already built newer versions of all the bindings for the current Cygwin perl, but I lack space to post it. My current ports collection almost fills a CD (binary and source packages combined), way beyond's webspace storage limits. If anyone can suggest an alternative for posting, I'd be happy to post what I have.


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