Re: Cygwin and the Gtk2 cpan perl module

It seems to be having problems finding libaries... I am getting alot of udefined references to 
'_gperl_'* functions...

I've been having the same problem.  Whether I try to build the source
from or whether I try to install
Gtk2 via CPAN, it always fails linking Gtk2.dll.

Here's the last bit of the failed link command to give you an idea:

xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x1853): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x1add): undefined reference
to `_gperl_croak_gerror'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x1c73): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x1eb4): undefined reference
to `_gperl_croak_gerror'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x2001): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x20b0): undefined reference
to `_gperl_convert_flags'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x2781): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x298f): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x2baf): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GtkUIManager.o:GtkUIManager.c:(.text+0x2d5c): undefined reference
to `_gperl_get_object_check'
xs/GdkX11.o:GdkX11.c:(.text+0x12f): undefined reference to
xs/GdkX11.o:GdkX11.c:(.text+0x37f): more undefined references to
`_gperl_get_object_check' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
perlld: *** system() failed to execute

I've tried Yaakov Selkowitz's binary packages.  Unfortunately, they
seem built for perl 5.8.5, and will not run under 5.8.6 (which I
require for various other packages)

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