Re: Installation problems on windows

I want to clean up the Win32 installation instructions from the wiki
FAQ. I assume the latest instructions are as follows.

For ActiveState users

  * I assume you already have ActiveState Perl installed on your system. 
  If not, download and install ActiveState Perl from

  * Next you need to install the GTK+ 2.x.x runtime environment. The
latest version can be downloaded from

  * Ensure that the <INSTALL_PATH>\GTK\2.0\bin directory is in your
PATH after this installation.
  * Next you need to install the Win32 binary packages for gtk2-perl.
Download and install the latest version of Gtk2.ppd and Glib.ppd from
  (Another way to install these ppds is as follows
  C:\Temp> ppm install
  C:\Temp> ppm install
 Your system should be ready to roll !

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