Re: gtk2 or glade?

Ross McFarland wrote:
either way you have to know the details of gtk+/Gtk2 to develop apps. so it's
my belief that you should start out learning the details programming with Gtk2
and then move on to use glade/Gtk2::GladeXML when it makes sense. pretty much
learn the fundamentals before taking the shortcuts.

I started Gtk (and GUI programming for that matter) using Glade & Perl,
and I would agree completely with Ross.

/However/, the Glade/Perl combo did allow me to build a prototype app in
just a few days without spending a month learning Gtk.  It was just the
widgets of course, nothing actually worked -- except maybe the menus and
standard dialogs like File > Open, but it was enough to convince people
that the project was worth doing.  Naturally, it then took me /two/
months trying to learn Gtk by wading through the Glade layers instead of
starting methodically to teach myself Gtk.  But I can guarantee you if I
had waited two months to show /anything/, there would've been no project!

Glade is really most helpful at doing the layout.  The Gtk layout model
is really powerful, but it's always better to do visual design in a


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