Re: gtk2 or glade?

David Alcobero said:
Yes, the question was there. But, in glade you can put the signals,
the position of the widgets, the positions of the windows, the widgets
and all. And you only should put the code that you want to do the
signal of the widgets, and this isn't glade, is (in this case) perl
code, not gtk2 code.

clarification of terms:

gtk+/gtk2: c code
glade: ui builder (saves ui defs in xml format) and skelatal c code generator

Gtk2: perl bindings to c code
Gtk2::GladeXML: loads glade xml ui defs and connects perl signal handlers

going by the terms your using i'm confused as to whether you're talking about
perl in both cases or just in one. since this is the perl list i'm going to
assume yes (Gtk2 vs Gtk2/GladeXML.)

So it's worth learning gtk2 if glade generate all
code for you? This is the question that i should said.

first glade (in c) only generates skelatal code. for all but the simplest
cases you'll have to add quite a bit of code and it's the more complicated

with Gtk2::GladeXML you bascially have to do the same stuff (but you don't get
the skeleton.)

either way you have to know the details of gtk+/Gtk2 to develop apps. so it's
my belief that you should start out learning the details programming with Gtk2
and then move on to use glade/Gtk2::GladeXML when it makes sense. pretty much
learn the fundamentals before taking the shortcuts.

on a side note i think Gtk2 is a much better place to start than gtk+-2.x
since it takes care of the most error prone and complicated parts of
programming with gtk+ (ref counting and type-casting)


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