Re: gtk2 or glade?

On Sep 24, 2004, at 7:08 PM, David Alcobero wrote:

I have one question:
What's better, programming with gtk2 writing every lines of the code or use glade? What aventages and disaventages have both? It's worth writing gtk2 code?

first, to make sure we're on the same page, you don't want to generate code with glade, you want to use libglade (Gtk2::GladeXML) to load the gui description on the fly.

secondly, i think the answer to the question you actually asked is incredibly subjective. instead i'll answer the related question, "should i start with Gtk2::GladeXML or by learning the gtk+ api and building things 'by hand'?" to which the answer is a resounding "learn the API first, then start using glade."

the reasoning is very simple: libglade is meant to automate tedious and repetitive gui-building code, but not to replace it. you will still have to grab widgets and do setup that glade couldn't do for you, so you have to know how it all works anyway.

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