Re: gtk2 or glade?

On Sep 25, 2004, at 8:56 AM, David Alcobero wrote:

But, in glade you can put the signals, the position of the widgets, the positions of the windows, the widgets and all. And you only should put the code that you want to do the signal of the widgets, and this isn't glade, is (in this case) perl code, not gtk2 code. So it's worth learning gtk2 if glade generate all code for you? This is the question that i should said.

even if glade builds the whole gui for you and connects a bunch of callbacks, you still have to understand the gtk+ API in order to know what to do in those callbacks. for example, if you want to ask the user for confirmation before letting a window manager close a window, you have to understand that the window manager sends the "delete-event", that the default handler for "delete-event" calls gtk_widget_destroy(), and that the way to inhibit that is to connect a handler that returns true to stop propagation. glade can't do *all* of that for you, and doesn't tell you why.

glade also doesn't set up GtkTreeView or GtkTextView widgets for you, so you'll still have to understand how to use callbacks and signals and all of that.

if you want to use custom widgets, you also have a fair amount of work to do, and glade doesn't make that much easier.

also, to reiterate, you don't want to use glade to generate code; you want to use libglade (via Gtk2::GladeXML) to load the glade-generated xml file at runtime and build the gui for you. code generation is not a good idea. (the tutorial link above includes a link to a mailing list message which explains further.)

so, my answer stands, yes, you still need to learn gtk+/Gtk2 in order to get the most out of glade.

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