Re: Gtk2::Ex consensus

* Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com> [2004-09-21 23:31]:
So far the following has been established:

1) Stay away from or as they carry some
   sort of weight or imply ego fuel.
2) One Bundle::Gtk2::Ex for _all_ modules regulated and updated by the
   Gtk2-Perl people (or whom/whatever is deemed appropriate).
3) Have everyone do their own thing, managed how they see fit yet
   following approved name spacing.

Perfect. :-)

   - contains: and Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::*
   - depends upon Gtk2::Ex::Utils

Some points on Bundles: they don't actually contain any code.
They merely exist for the prerequisites list in Makefile.PL, in
which they list other modules that the "bundle" "contains". That
way, when you "install" the bundle using the CPAN shell, all the
listed modules are automatically installed.  Bundles are usually
used to tie together a bunch of modules that may be useful in
conjuction, but don't depend on one another; something like
Bundle::XML f.ex lists a bunch of different XML-related modules
such as XML::Simple and XML::Twig (random examples) which don't
require one another, but might both be useful for someone
tackling a variety of XML-processing tasks.

So all that explained, it sounds like you want Gtk2-Ex-Dialogs as
the distribution name, containing the modules you mentioned. (Do
no confuse distribution names and module names; they need not
need to have anything directly to do with each other.)

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough."

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