Re: [RFC] Gtk2::SizeRecall - Persistently store and restore widgetsizes

* Joe Smith <jes martnet com> [2004-05-19 10:43]:
Maybe Gtk2::PerlExtra, which mimics the libgtkextra collection.

That is better than anything I came up with, and indeed I think
it is perfect. Save for the aforementioned issue, it has my vote.

As long as we're taking pot shots...


Too specific and not a namespace for wholesale extensions like
new widgets. Util:: generally refers to small stuff that makes
work easier and doesn't stand on its own.

Gtk2::Lib  (too confusing vs. Glib)

As you said.


Too broad, too vague, and "misc" generally implies second-class
citizens, so again not a namespace for wholesale extensions.


This has some merit, actually, but to me feels like something
that belongs to the core; as in, "it's the core, and then there's
these auxiliary modules that go along with it".


seems better (than Gtk2::PerlExtra) to me, since, as someone
else said, the "Perl" is redundant and adds no new information.
It could be a problem that it mimics libgtkextra, yet has
nothing whatever to do with libgtkextra.

That was me who said Perl:: was redundant, and that was me who
said PerlExtra:: is great. Extra:: is an obvious choice I didn't
like -- I didn't think of collision with libgtkextra, but that's
anoter reason not to pick Extra::.

So long if the disctinction we're making is still between stuff
that is bound to C libs and stuff that is written solely on the
Perl end, then PerlExtra:: is precisely the way to express that.
Perl:: by itself useless because it's too vague. We know these
are Perl modules; what was the author trying to say with that
name? Adding "Extra" implicitly specifies "written in/for Perl"
to "Perl-specific addons based on the Gtk2-Perl bindings".

"Extra" alone isn't exactly bad; but it's not nearly so specific,
and in particular, doesn't clearly express that the stuff found
in that namespace does not come from bindings to some preexisting
C library.

Both 'Util' and 'Extra' have some precedents, but for the eight
modules I found named .*::Extras?, there are over 250 modules
named .*::Utils?.

Well.. err.. duh. :-) Util:: is a place to put assortments of
small functions and other minor stuff. Extra:: is a place for
larger extensions. It's not surprising that there'd be a *lot* of
the former stuff on CPAN. I also think Extra:: suffers from being
less conventionalized than Util:: -- people are more likely to
use a synonym for Extra:: than Util::.

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough."

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