Re: [RFC] Gtk2::SizeRecall - Persistently store and restore widget sizes

* Jan Hudec <bulb ucw cz> [2004-05-18 10:56]:
I'd suggest one more thing. Since many add-ons will be just a single
not-too-long file, it would be convenient for users if there was
a "contrib" module in Gtk2-Perl, containing various stuff posted. It
would for example greatly increase the chance to get packaged for
various distribution (the less packages, the less work for package

That's what Ross already mentioned:

* Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> [2004-05-17 15:06]:
we could look at creating an extras package. the upside would
be all of the extras would be more likely to get installed, the
downside is that they'd be tied together release wise.

Maybe it doesn't have to be either-or; it isn't for the core
modules, which are maintained separately and still get bundled
into a Perl release every so often. You can upgrade separately if
you wish to or wait for the next complete Perl distribution. If
it's good enough for the Perl core modules, it should be good
enough for Gtk2-Perl.

Another option might be a Bundle::Gtk2Perl for all the officially
sanctioned modules from Gtk2Perl:: -- though depending on their
tools, this won't necessarily make life easier for packagers.

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