Re: Gnome2-VFS

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 06:03, muppet wrote:

    - modify Gnome2-VFS and/or Gtk2 so that gtk/gtk.h isn't needed 
to build Gnome2-VFS.

just VFS.  it doesn't need to include gtk.h.  in fact, i thought we'd 
already fixed that.  :-/

it includes gtk2perl.h which inclues gtk/gtk.h. it needs neither, 
including gperl.h is sufficent. (along with replacing Gtk2 with Glib 
in the EU::D call)

it's a pretty easy fix; kaffee will probably have it done by the time i 
wake up.  :-)

Well, unless you slept verrry long, I didn't quite make it, but still: 
Including gperl.h instead of gtk2perl.h, making Glib the one and only
ancestor and adding "-I build" seems to do the trick.  Gnome2 compiles
too.  So that's cool.

But Gnome2 (and pretty much all the other modules) still inherits "-I
build" from somewhere else.  So that problem is not fixed yet.


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