Re: Gnome2-VFS

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 00:03, muppet wrote:

the issue that '-I build' is being added to the CFLAGS of all of the 
Gtk2 dependent modules via EU::D. needs to be addressed. i don't like 
it b/c -I build is just magically being added by someone else and the 
module is making use of it. i would prefer that it was added 
explicitly in each module that uses the build directory or ...

the problem is that whatever flags you add to the EU::Depends object 
will be inherited by all dependent objects.  that's why they all 
inherit -Ibuild from Gtk2.  it works out nicely since they all use 
Gtk2::CodeGen.  *shrug*

there's no way to fix that without hacking up EU::Depends to add 
"non-remembered CFLAGS", from what i can tell.  that would be an API 

then then fix would seem to be adding -Ibuild after $vfs->save_config
('build/'). (or the equiv. calls in all of the modules)


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