Re: Documentation problem...

* Emmanuele Bassi <bassi-e libero it> [2004-06-02 18:20]:
Well, I should test code inside POD with Test::Brain switched
to 1, first. But I always forget that. :-)

Seriously: the code inside the SYNOPSIS in Gnome2::GConf main
POD is to be taken with a truckload of salt, since I rarely
touch it.

Both these issues would be averted if you ran automatic tests on
the POD code examples. You just wouldn't have to think about them
anymore -- if something breaks due to changes in the module, the
tests will tell you.

Showing an example would be far beyond the scope of a simple
snippet as that. I admit that the code should be valid, though.

That, of course, is another matter entirely. :-)

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough."

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