object browser for gtk2-perl

for your enjoyment, something i working on tonight while sourceforge cvs was offline:


this program started out as a way to learn the action-based menus in gtk+ 2.4; you may notice that they are conspicuously absent; they'll reappear in a future version. as written, the code works with Gtk2 1.02x and 1.03x (taking advantage of the new features if they are available).

if you have Gtk2::PodViewer, you get even more cool features.

from the pod:

"This gtk2-perl utility displays information about Glib::Objects. The code actually scrapes through the Perl symbol table for packages that derive from Glib::Object, and then queries the GLib type system for information about those objects."

all that, plus a custom stock icon and documentation, in just under 700 lines of Perl.

"it's hard to be eventful when you have this much style."
   - me, rationalizing yet another night of sitting at home.

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