Re: Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

Pascal said:
for a quick and dirty example of using Gtk2::GladeXML see the file under
the Glade/t/ directory called 0.GladeXML.t and it's associated glade file

Okay, when opening in Glade-2 I see in Options/Language that C
is selected. I also notice that only C and C++ are available...
The Options/Language section was the thing that made me doubt about working

that simply means that Glade can't write perl source code for you.  for this
feature to work, glade needs  converter backend, such as dermot's
glade-to-perl-two (which is unfortunately out of date wrt gtk2-perl >= 0.20).

you can still use the glade xml file with libglade, regardless of what the
code generation options are.

there's a tool called libglade-convert which attempts to covert your glade
project files (the xml files) from version 1 to version 2.  since widgets like
the GtkCList and GtkCTree are deprecated gtk+-2.x and therefore absent in
gtk2-perl, your mileage may vary.

that's the extent of my knowledge.  :-(

The GladeXML file has to "written" for Perl or not ?
that's the part which is still unclear to me...

no, you can use the xml file as is.

PS: muppet : perhaps I should rebuild Glib-Perl, Gtk2-Perl, etc. before
going any further ?

i recommend it.  also, there are instructions in the README with Glib on how
to install to and run from a non-system directory, which will ease the pain
and suffering of the constant upgrade cycle until 1.0.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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