Re: Creating Gtk2 and/or Gnome2 interfaces for Perl with Glade or Glade-2

for a quick and dirty example of using Gtk2::GladeXML see the file under the
Glade/t/ directory called 0.GladeXML.t and it's associated glade file

Okay, when opening in Glade-2 I see in Options/Language that C is selected.
I also notice that only C and C++ are available...
The Options/Language section was the thing that made me doubt about working support.

using glade-2 you can save the ui you create, which is where
comes from. it's an xml file that describes the user interface and its
actions/events. libglade's input format is the save file format of glade-2.
(xml, etc.)

A GladeXML file (just like is EXACTLY what I want [and it is what I use right now,
but with Gtk-1]. I guess that I have to build my interface from scratch, that converting is
somewhat impossible since there are many changes from Gtk-1 to Gtk-2 ?

as of right now Gtk2::GladeXML is pretty alpha. it has been reported to work
and i've been able to play with it a little. i don't know enough about
libglade/GladeXML to go much further with it. it is highly based off of the
old GladeXML stuff from gtk-perl (so if you've used it you should be pretty
familiar with this incarnation.) 

alrite, very nice... I'm not familiar with Gtk2 as of yet...

hopefully in the not too distant future i'll
be able to put a little time into cleaning up the dir and pod doc'ing what is
currently there so that a release can be made. to be honest it won't go much
further than that until someone much more familiar with related topics takes a
look at it and fleshes the rest out. the main thing that is missing is the
implementation of custom widgets.

np, I think you did a very good job so far!

sorry, if this didn't answer your question.

well, it almost did... but I might have been too unclear, my comprehension might also be

The GladeXML file has to "written" for Perl or not ?
that's the part which is still unclear to me...

What is the use of being able to specify the language in the project options ?

PS: muppet : perhaps I should rebuild Glib-Perl, Gtk2-Perl, etc. before going any further ?

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