Some questions about glade1 and glade2 (and gtk2-perl :) )

Hi there. 

So now actually the GladeXML 'modul' in gtk2-perl-xs is working good. I tested 
it with one of my application. It working perfectly. It's ready to release. 

My question is:

Are there any "convert" scripts or some way to convert a glade1 xml file to a 
glade2 xml file format ? That will be usefull in porting glade1 / gtk-perl 
application to glade2 / gtk2-perl application.

Any way to do this automatically ? (not manually :) )

Second question. Anyone has got some examples or some experinece for 
GnomePrint2 using ? (in gtk2-perl-xs) 

Best Regards: Christian Hamar alias kRiX

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