Re: Gnome ZVT usage on windows?

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, muppet wrote:

Leon Strong said:
I have an application i have developed on linux using gtk-perl, and am
looking at the posibility of porting it over to windows, i was considering
whilst i was doing this it'd be an interesting thing to port it to gtk2.2
and clean it up in the process.

Does anyone have any experiance with gtk-perl and zvt on the windows
platforms? i've been looking around, and havnt really been able to find any
sound documentation :(

so far, we have news that it works, but i have not personally tried this.

if you try this and can confirm that it works, please let us know.  and of
course, if there's anything you have to do to get it to work, send a patch!

of course, one thing that may throw a wrench in the whole mess is the fact
that no gtk2-perl bindings exist for libzvt.  the bindings are easy to create,
though, so if you really need them, we can hook you up.

That'd be fantastic if i could get my hands on bindings for ZVT, i guess
what i really need to do is sort out compiling and building gtk2.2,
libzvt, and it's associated libs on windows first, and then come to grips
with getting gtk2-perl and perl bindings sussed out :)

Gimmie a week to get my windows computer back and i'll start working on it

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