anonymous cvs is waaaaay behind

as you may or may not know, sourceforge has been experiencing heavy loads
lately, and has decided to start pruning derelict projects.  their
justification is that they get 70 new projects a day, but usually only one of
those actually lives longer than a day or two.

as part of this, they've moved the anonymous cvs access to a backup server
that is supposedly rsync'd every night and thus at most 24 hours behind.  (to
reduce load for project developers.)

the sad truth is that this backup server is several days behind.  if you look
in cvsweb or the daily cvs snapshots, the rel-0-24 tag isn't even there, much
less the various bugfixes and really cool feature enhancements we've been
doing since last week.  i don't do pserver/anonymous cvs access, but i wager
you can't even get the new stuff from there.

by the current release schedule, we're slated for the next release
(tentatively 0.26) a week from tomorrow, which would be the 4th of july.

if there is enough interest, i can make a new release this week to fill the
cvs gap.

so, cast your vote!

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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