Re: Gnome ZVT usage on windows?

my problem is i really have no good c++ or c knowledge, i can blunder my
way around perl fairly well.

I need to come up with an easy solutin to write a terminal based client on
a windows machine using gtk and perl, in the past, i've used zvt and
gtk-perl, but havnt attempted to port it across to windows as yet.

the reason i've been using the ZVT widget up till this point, is due to
it's ability to handle all the ansi displays and the likes for me :)

if anyones done anything similar and come up with something that works on
both platforms, i'd be extactic to hear from you :)

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Gavin Brown wrote:

of course, one thing that may throw a wrench in the whole mess is the fact
that no gtk2-perl bindings exist for libzvt.  the bindings are easy to create,
though, so if you really need them, we can hook you up.

My understanding is that Zvt had been deprecated in Gnome 2.2, in favour
of Vte. So that's something to look out for - either Zvt needs to be
updated for Gtk 2.2 or you need to use Gtk 2.0. Or use Vte instead,
although according to Miguel, it ain't that good :-)

(, search for "Zvt")


Gavin Brown
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