Re: what to replace GtkList with for Gtk2::Combo

GtkList and GtkListItem have been added with comments saying that you should
only use it in Combo context etc. etc.

their entire xs wrapper code is contained in #ifdef GTK_TYPE_LIST(_ITEM) in
hopes that if removed from gtk-2.2.x it won't totally break the wrappers (of
course the code that uses GtkCombo's will) i would be surprised if it's ever
removed in the 2.2 tree.

since you were needing to use it be sure to test it out as you do. let me know
if you find any problems. i haven't tried out any of it so it could be totally
broken. it does compile and test ok, but that doesn't mean much since there
are not test of that specific code.

there is some test code in the t directory for GtkCombo's if you want add some
stuff to it to test out GtkList and GtkListItems. for that matter anyone is
more than welcome to code up a test for the t directory of any of the modules.
submit it to the list. if it tests something useful and we like the look of it
then it will get included.


Ross McFarland said:
Chris Phillips said:
I've noticed that GtkList has now apparenlty been officially deprecated in
Gtk2, but GtkCombo's have not been. and the Gtk2::Combo still says that it
uses a GtkList. As Gtk2-perl apparently, and reasonably enough, is not
implementing any deprecated functionality I get an error from my program
trying to access list->clear_items, saying GtkList doesn't exist, and
falls though to a GtkContainer, which naturally doesn't have hte
clear_items method.

How can a non-deprecated widget contain a deprecated one? am i missing
somethine? I'd be havppy to use a GtkListStore but there appears to be no
way to use this within a dropdown box...

from what i can tell you are correct. i'll work up bindings for GtkList here
in a few minutes that should provide the necessary functionality. i must
agree that it seems odd to have a widget using a deprecated widget as one of
it's members. especially since it would seem a reasonable endeavor to
convert the combo box's list member, but anyway...

i'll send out to the list when i get this done. if there's a reason not to
do so someone speak up and let me know.


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