Re: what to replace GtkList with for Gtk2::Combo

Chris Phillips said:
I've noticed that GtkList has now apparenlty been officially deprecated in
Gtk2, but GtkCombo's have not been. and the Gtk2::Combo still says that it
uses a GtkList. As Gtk2-perl apparently, and reasonably enough, is not
implementing any deprecated functionality I get an error from my program
trying to access list->clear_items, saying GtkList doesn't exist, and falls
though to a GtkContainer, which naturally doesn't have hte clear_items

How can a non-deprecated widget contain a deprecated one? am i missing
somethine? I'd be havppy to use a GtkListStore but there appears to be no
way to use this within a dropdown box...

from what i can tell you are correct. i'll work up bindings for GtkList here
in a few minutes that should provide the necessary functionality. i must agree
that it seems odd to have a widget using a deprecated widget as one of it's
members. especially since it would seem a reasonable endeavor to convert the
combo box's list member, but anyway...

i'll send out to the list when i get this done. if there's a reason not to do
so someone speak up and let me know.


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